Austria Enters the Final of the Team Competition

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On the day of national teams of the 2. FIR European Racketlon Championships, 24 teams from 14 nations were competing. The national teams competitions were conducted with a different mode: three divisions with eight teams, divided in groups of four played in a Round-Robin mode in the beginning. The top two teams of each group then entered the Promotion Playoff, while positions three and four competed in the Relegation Playoff. Through crossover games (the better placed team from group A plays against the worse placed team from group B), the finalists of the playoffs emerged. The decisive team matches are taking place Friday and Saturday.  Austria and Great Britain provided the most teams with four teams each, followed by Germany and Switzerland with three teams each. Following the new rules of the international Racketlon federation, medals are only awarded in the highest division. Thus, in WTTV Division 1 and WSRV Division 2, the teams play for relegation or promotion.

Final on Saturday

In the duel for Gold in the highest division of the national team competitions, the PUR PERSONALDIENSTLEISTUNG Champions Division, group opponents Austria and Denmark will meet. Austria confidently won the group with Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic. Great Britain, which boasts U21 team champions Leon Griffiths and Hannah Boden in its ranks, dominated the group with Sweden, Switzerland and Finland. During the crossover games, Austria competed against Sweden and the UK against Denmark. “It’s gonna be close,” U21 European champion Leon Griffiths had said ahead of the duel with the World Champions from Scandinavia. Griffith’s instincts proved right. Kresten Hougaard, Jannie Erbs Eriksen, Jesper Hougaard, Morten Jaksland and Kasper Jønsson won by seven points. Only in the last Tennis Singles competition, Jønsson scored the necessary eight points for the Danes.

The RFA team, which played with their best line-up of Lukas Windischberger (Mens Singles 1), Christine Seehofer (Womens Singles), Stephan Schmutzer/Emanuel Schöpf (Doubles) und Michi Dickert (Mens Singles 2), only required four Tennis points against Sweden after three disciplines, which Windischberger scored with ease. Hans Sherpa, Tom Wagner and Bettina Bugl, who had already played against the Czech Republic, Germany and Denmark during the course of the day, now cheered for their team colleages. During the Final of the Champions division on Saturday at 7pm, the group match against Denmark will be repeated, which Austria could win in absence of Kasper Jønsson +29.

Results of the Playoffs

“A long day has ended with success. So today like yesterday, we’ll have to get home and to our beds quickly so that we can rise and shine tomorrow,” said Windischberger, who is already starting at 10:40am on Friday with his kick-off game in Elite Singles against Swiss Patrick Lorenz (Swiss Open Champion 2017).

The Union Jack again dominated the victory lists, also in the lower divisions of the national team competitions. In WTTV Division 1, Great Britain 2 and 3 competed against each other in the crossover of the higher playoffs. Belgium and Sweden 2 played the second crossover. In WSRV Division 2, Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria 3 and 4 had the highest ranks.

All results of the team competitions

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