Day 3: Gold with a downer and five more medals for Austria

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On day three of the 2. FIR European Racketlon Championships presented by GRAWE sidebyside began with a shock: The Rechtsanwalt Wirrer Juniors U21 semi final could not be finished. Pierce Boden hurt his knee and had to go to the hospital with the ambulance. He’s okay know – no operation is needed – but the tournament is over for him. Emanuel Schöpf advanced into the final where he lost to Boden’s countryman Leon Griffiths. The British was too good for the Austrian today and took a strait win +33 (TT: 21-18, BA: 21-6, SQ: 21-6). Also Bettina Bugl lost to Britains raising stars Hannah Boden in the Hochzeitsberg Girls U21 final. Because of Pierce Boden’s injury the Austrians Bettina Bugl and Emanuel Schöpf won Gold in the Erste Bank Wr. Neudorf Mixed Doppels U21 competition.


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