Great Britain’s Juniors and Hungary’s Seniors outshine their competitors

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Great Britain dominated the Junior competitions of the 2. FIR European Racketlon Championships presented by GRAWE sidebyside. Already on day one, the British had started strong, taking Gold and Silver in the National Teams Championships RACKETSPORT VÖSENDORF Juniors U16. Hungary won by one point against Austria and took Bronze. Also in the National Teams Championships ÖVV Juniors U21 Great Britain was unstoppable. Hanna Boden, Leon Griffiths and Piers Boden beat Austria’s Bettina Bugl, Emanuel Schöpf and Tobias Fürschuß by 30 points in the final. Finland finished third.

Also in Singles and Doubles, Great Britain ruled. Luke Griffiths advanced in an all-British Final of the ASKÖ NÖ Juniors u16 against his teammate David Bennett. Swiss Yanni Andrey finished third. Also the SIMONER & SCHEDER Juniors u16 Doubles saw Bennett and Griffiths on top of the podium, William John Lee Gregson and Ross Ewan Wilson reached Silver. Yanni Andrey (SUI) and Botond Francia (HUN) scored the remaining Bronze.

The HOCHZEITSBERG Girls U21 Final saw the meeting of the top seed Bettina Bugl (AUT) and Hannah Boden (GBR). The Austrian started with a 21-15 win in Table Tennis, lost Badminton and Squash and needed to win Tennis with losing six points or less. She started well, winning five points in a row, but at 12:6 the British player finished the game. “I made too many errors in Table Tennis and Squash”, said Bugl. Together the U21 Finalists took Gold in the ASVÖ NÖ Girls u21 Doubles. Irina Olsacher (AUT) and Anna Wall (FIN) won Silver, Tana Badic/Johanna Wittig (AUT) Bronze.

A British final was within reach in the RECHTSANWALT WIRRER Juniors u21 competition. Piers Boden (GBR) had game ball against top seed Emanuel Schöpf (AUT) at 20-17 in Badminton when a knee injury stopped him. Instead of advancing to the final, he was brought to the hospital. The tournament was over for the British. We wish him all the best for his recovery! Schöpf could not challenge Leon Griffiths at all, who didn’t even have to pick up his tennis racket +33 (TT: 21-18, BA: 21-6, SQ: 21-6). Luka Penttinen (FIN) won Bronze. Because of Boden’s injury the Final of the ERSTE BANK WR.NEUDORF Mixed u21 Doubles was not played. Bettina Bugl and Emanuel Schöpf won the first Gold medal for Austria in a Juniors’ competition. Hannah and Piers Boden (GBR) took Silver, Anna Wall and Luka Penttinen Bronze. In absence of Boden (who would have played with Leon Griffiths) Emanuel Schöpf (AUT) and Luka Penttinen (FIN) won Gold at the NÖTTV Juniors u21 Doubles. Kris Krawcewicz/Stefan Urban (AUT) took Silver, Senne Blommaert (BEL) and Oskari Laiho (FIN) Bronze.

The National Teams Championships EKIZ VÖSENDORF Juniors U13 were dominated by Austria’s neighbours Germany and Hungary. Cornelius Ried, Bastian Böhm and Tom Sach could only be challenged by Hungary’s Tamás Szalay and Milan Mesterhazy. Germany won by 11 points, Austria finished third. Only two days later Cornelius Ried from Germany took revenge on Tamás Szalay in the WAGNER Boys U13 final. In the team competition the Hungarian had won, in the Singles Final the German struck back by winning +3 (TT: 21-8, BA: 11-21, SQ: 21-23, TE: 23-21). Alexander Wagner won against Marcel Ungerböck in an Austrian battle for Bronze. It was a perfect weekend for the German, who added another Gold medal to his collection by winning the BALLSCHULE HEIDELBERG Juniors u13 Doubles aside his countryman Bastian Böhm. Alexander Wagner (AUT) and Tom Sach (GER) took Silver, Benjamin Riedl (AUT) and Andre Panev (AUT) took Bronze.

Also the Seniors from Great Britain took a Gold medal: in the National Teams Championships RACKETPOINT VIENNA Seniors +55, they beat Hungary in the Final, Germany finished third. Germany won Gold in the National Teams Championships BODYFIT VÖSENDORF +45, where Great Britain took Silver and the Czech Republic Bronze. The National Teams Championships RACKETLONSHOP Seniors +40 ended with Gold for Hungary, Silver for Austria and Bronze for Finland.

Hungary’s seniors rule

Austria’s Simone Seitz won the only Gold medal for Austria in the BMS Women Seniors +40. In the Final against Swiss Esther Dübendorfer the “Gummiarm” decided. “Esther wants revenge at the World Championships next year”, said Seitz, who should remain the only Austrian Gold medalist of the Seniors competitions. Dübendorfer later took Gold aside of Britains Barbara Capper in the WTV Women Seniors +40 Doubles. 2nd came Nicole Kamphues (GER)/Susan Rutschmann (SUI); 3rd Eli Mäkelä/Terhi Virtanen (FIN). Capper also won the VICTOR AUSTRIA Mixed Seniors +45 Doubles aside Hungarian Levente Nándori. 2nd came Zuzana Vancuriková/Tomas Kuban (CZE); 3rd Ester Dübendorfer (SUI)/Achim Berkemeier (GER). And Capper still didn’t have enough: ÖHB Women Seniors +45 Gold! Silver went to Heike Voigt (GER); Bronze to Shirley Barre (GBR). Carola Von Heimburg (GER) is the undefeated C&C RACKETLON ACADEMY Women Seniors +50 champion. 2nd Zuzana Vancurikova (CZE). 3rd Nicole Kamphues (GER).

Richard Middleton added another Gold medal for Great Britain by winning the WPT SCHMÖLZER Seniors +50 competition. He won against German Thomas Knaack by only two points, having been down 14 points (28-42) after the first two disciplines. Bronze went to Richard Hobzik (CZE). Julian Clapp joined the British Gold-club by winning the ARION CITY HOTEL Seniors +60 Doubles aside Graham King (SUI). 2nd Stefan Blomgren/Gunnar Ljung (SWE). 3rd Jean-Robert Fiori/Jesper Schou Nielsen (DEN). TOI TOI Seniors +65 Doubles: 1st Graham Cain/Steen Hesselbjerg (DEN), 2nd Svatopluk Rejthar/Jaroslav Schwan (CZE), 3rd Peter Arbuthnot (GBR)/Sten Lindström (FIN).

Balázs Francia destroyed Austrian hopes for another Seniors Gold medal. The Hungarian eliminated top seed Marcel Weigl (who finished third) in the Semis and second seed Tom Wagner in the final and won Gold. Francia’s countrymen dominated the PODOTHERAPIE PTACNIK Seniors +45 competition: 1st Levente Nándori, 2nd Zoltan Czingraber, 3rd Zsolt Szalay. Francia and Szalay also took the VICTORIA AWARDS Seniors +40 Doubles gold – advancing against Austria’s Marcel Weigl/Tom Wagner (2nd) and Bernd Jaschke/Dieter Mühl (3rd). Also at the VDF Seniors+45 Doubles competition Hungary won: 1st Zoltan Czingraber/Levente Nándori, 2nd Manfred Grab/Ulrich Schleppenhorst (GER), 3rd Tomas Kuban/Jan Port (CZE). And Again Hungary! ARC3 Seniors +50 Doubles: 1st Tibor Karolyi/Peter Sakovics, 2nd Zoltan Matecsa (HUN)/Maxim Levitin (RUS), 3rd Anders Brodin/Hakan Granberg (SWE).

Unseeded Oleg Okunev took Gold for Russia in the SOFTUB Seniors +55 competition. Joachim Gersdorf (GER) won Silver, Magnus Edby (SWE) Bronze. Also on the final day Gersdorf won a Silver medal in the ISS Seniors +55 Doubles competition aside Antonio Zeoli. Magnus Edby/Peter Söderström (SWE) won Gold, Frank Kleiber/Volker Sach Bronze.

Ten players entered the RESCH UND FRISCH Seniors +60 competition. In the end Jesper Schou Nielsen (DEN) won, defeating Stefan Blomgren (SWE) in the Final. Staffan Myrdal (SWE) won against Austrian Erich Knotter in the match for the third place. Eight men played for the PHOENIX Seniors +65 title. Graham Cain (DEN) won Gold, Steen Hesselbjerg (DEN) Silver and Jaroslav Schwan (CZE) Bronze. Three veterans joined the RACKETLON FEDERATION WIEN Seniors +70 competition. In the end German Rolf Lorenz won Gold, Austrian Erich Mlinarik Silver and Swede Hubert Fromlet Bronze.

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