Racketlon comeback of Jürgen Melzer at the EC

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At the press conference of the 2. FIR European Racketlon Championships held from 25 August to 3 September 2017 in Wr. Neudorf and Vienna, Jürgen Melzer carried out the drawings of the elite competitions and two sponsor prizes. Now the Austrian is even participating in the biggest event in Racketlon history!

Melzer starts in doubles with former World Champion Krenn

Since the Challenger in Aix en Provence, Jürgen Melzer is been plagued by an injury but he missed to take a break. “You should get smarter with age, but I really wanted to play Wimbledon – that was not a good idea. I must continue to pause and have not had a racket in my hand since then, “said the 36-year-old, who will not return to the ATP tour soon. Instead, Austria’s long-standing tennis number one will be giving his Racketlon-comeback, but with the right hand: “For a long time I could not even open a bottle with my left hand. My right hand has become stronger and stronger.” He will be able to find out how strong he is in the doubles competition of the 2. European European Championships presented by BABOLAT (30.8.-3.9.) aside of former World Champion Christoph Krenn.

At the SWT Austrian Open 2007, Jürgen Melzer played his last Racketlon tournament. Because this time he plays with the right hand, he will start with Christoph Krenn in the CITY & COUNTRY CLUB amateur doubles. “I would like to thank Jürgen for the fact that he is there despite his injury and supports the Racketlon sport with his prominence. I’m expecting more spectators because of him, which will help the event. I think that we can win some matches because Jürgen is a sports talent – no matter what hand he plays with.”

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