SWT Canada: Seehofer takes home three titles, Windischberger two

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The third and last major event of the FIR Racketlon World Tour before the European Championships (25 August – 3 September in Wr. Neudorf and Vienna), was held in Winnipeg, Canada: the SWT Cardinal Capital North American Championships from 16 June to 18 June 2017. Christine Seehofer was unbeatable and took all three titles: singles, doubles, mixed-doubles.

I want to keep on training, stay in shape and reach my big goal, becoming the European Champion!

Stay in shape and become European Champion

Christine Seehofer continued her unbelievable winning streak in Winnipeg. Like at the tournaments in Vienna, Prague and Oudenaarde, the 22-year-old took all the titles. In singles the World Number 1 took on the number 2 Amke Fischer from Germany. Seehofer won +24 (TT: 21-18, BA: 21-9, SQ: 21-12) – without playing the last discipline of tennis. „I played really good, made few unforced errors and won surprisingly high in badminton and squash. I think it was my first win against Amke after three disciplines.“ Seehofer took the ladies doubles aside Racketlon legend Lilian Druve vom Sweden. In the final against the Canadians Erin Lee Roberts/Alix Younger there was also no tennis played: +31 (TT: 21-0, BA: 21-6, SQ: 16-21). The mixed doubles draw with Lukas Windischberger was also dominated by the champion from Prottes. They defeated Amke Fischer and Duncan Stahl +33 (TT: 21-10, BA: 21-10, SQ: 21-10). „I want to keep on training, keep stay in shape and reach my big goal, becoming the European Champion!“ Before that Chrisi get’s herself a little break: she will stay in Canada until Friday.

I only lost one match, against one of the best of this sport.

Windischberger claims two titles – but loses in champions duel

Seehofer’s mixed-partner Lukas Windischberger hat to face Scotsman Calum Reid on day two of the SWT Cardinal Capital North American Championships. It was the match of the two reigning SWT-champions 2017: Reid won the SWT English Open, Windischberger the SWT King of Rackets. The World Champion from 2011 won +14 (TT: 21-10, BA: 13-21, SQ: 21-19, TE: 17-8). „I started poorly in table tennis. In badminton I was 11:1 ahead and then let go. In squash I was behind 5:11, came back, but at 19:19 I made two errors. In tennis I was physically not competitive anymore. My arm and my leg cramped, I had not a chance anymore.“ The 25-year-old from Großengersdorf finished third in singles. In doubles aside Canadian Patrick Junior Laplante Lukas took the title as well as aside Christine Seehofer in mixed doubles. „I am happy with the tournament. I only lost one match, against one of the best of this sport.“ Lukas is one of the favorites for the European Championship crown. His next steps on the way to the Championships are defined: „The regeneration between the matches is good. Now I have to focus to become more resistant during the match as well!“


Source: RFA press release

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