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The hotel booking deadline (12 July) is over and many of you have booked their room at one of our official tournament hotels. We are happy that we could fulfill all your booking wishes and are looking forward to welcome you to Wr. Neudorf and Vienna soon.

If you have not booked your hotel yet, feel free to contact Bettina Reischer in this matter. We cannot guarantee the promo-fees from now on but we will try our best!


Pick up service

Some of you have already sent us their time of arrival at the airport or main train station in Vienna. If you need transportation, please contact Bettina Reischer to check all the details.


Payments in cash

Please notice that all the payments have to be done before your first match at the tournament desk in cash only (max. banknote €100,-). Bookings are to be made in the name of one person. This person is responsible for the payment of the total amount at the tournament desk.

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